Healing Touch Family Chiropractic

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Why Memberships? 1-2-3

1.) AFFORDABLE: Insurance cutbacks, higher deductibles, and higher co-pays prevent people from getting the chiropractic adjustments that they need. With an average adjustment being around $45, that can really add up, especially for a family. Also it can be difficult for a person to pay the start up cost, between $50-$300, another deterrent from starting chiropractic care.

At Healing Touch Family Chiropractic there is NO start up cost. The first adjustment is always at the special introductory rate of $39.00. After that if you want to add regular chiropractic adjustments to your healthy lifestyle, monthly memberships start at $99 a month.

2.) CONVENIENT: Most people don't have 30 minutes or more a week to go to the chiropractor and wait...usually the first visit is at least an hour. With the busy lifestyles of most families and individuals today, making an appointment and being on time can be challenging and actually add more stress to the day.

There is no lengthy initial visit at Healing Touch Family Chiropractic, it takes about 10 minutes. Walk in during office hours, and you will be seen right away! Adjustments are straight forward, taking approximately 5 minutes.

3.) A BETTER LIFE: Do you want to have an increased sense of well-being now and into the future? Dr. Jen knows from 10 years of experience (being under chiropractic care herself at a young age) that REGULAR chiropractic care (at least once a week), especially starting at a young age, is what allows a person to express their MAXIMUM health potential. Getting "cracked" only when symptoms occur just temporarily treats them. Dr. Jen focuses on the CAUSE of the person's dis-function allowing the body to heal itself and then express it's full power from the inside out!

How does Membership work? 

-Healing Touch Family Chiropractic offers month to month and monthly auto-debit  memberships for individuals, couples and families.

-The fees for memberships are for full access to our office, which includes; consultation, and up to 8 chiropractic checks per month.  The membership is not an insurance program. Members understand that no insurance will be billed or submitted by either our office or the member themselves (see below).

-Memberships are meant to provide non-therapeutic chiropractic spinal care, without regard to symptoms or conditions.  Medicare and other 3rd party insurance do not cover or support wellness/maintenance care.

Memberships for Individuals

     Individual Practice Membership (6 months)     $99.00 per month (BEST VALUE)

     Month to month Individual Plan                        $159.00 per month


Memberships for Couples and Families* 

    Family Practice Membership (6 months)            $159.00 per month (BEST VALUE)

    Month to month Family Plan                               $219.00 per month

Important Notes:
1) These low prices are only possible because we keep our overhead low and most payments are automated, using auto debit.

2) Flex spending (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are allowed for any payment option.

Pay Per Visit Option

We realize the Membership is not for everyone, so if you’d rather pay  “per-visit”, we will happily take care of you whenever you wish, and  you’ll still pay a lower price than just about anywhere else. Our pay-per-visit fee is $40.00.

What if I have insurance?

No insurance is needed in our office. Living the Chiropractic lifestyle provides health assurance, so you can use your insurance for crisis/emergency care.

How can we offer care at such a low monthly fee? 

By setting up auto-debit payments and reducing the amount of time and energy in the office performing tasks like; taking payments, verifying insurance support, billing insurance, data entry of insurance information, following up when insurance doesn’t pay etc, to name a few. 

Principled chiropractors, like Dr. Jen, specifically adjust the spine for one purpose only and that is to remove nerve interference which causes the body to function abnormally. When the vertebrae in the spine are in proper alignment the spinal nerves have a better chance of allowing communication between the brain (the master controller) and the body. Better body function = better expression of health, increasing the sense of ease and well-being.

*Family Plans in our office cover parents and children under the age of 18.